Journey’s end, another adventure

So we sailed up the Chesapeake Bay once again, in the early spring, and it was… All the things to us. Once again… With an ambitious early start, we leapt from Little Creek to Deltaville, Virginia, in one long day that put us three days ahead of any of our previous slogs up the Bay in the cold. Little Creek is Bay-wards of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel, so it’s not actually in the ocean. It is, however, the gulping throat of the bay, where the Atlantic crams itself in and rushes back out every 6 hours. The winds and tides are near-oceanic, plus a large portion of the East Coast’s shipping traffic enters and exits there. Crossing Hampton Roads at its razors edge gave us as little time crossing the ship channel as possible, which was good, but it was still very, very intense! As we approached the channel from the south, there were 4 large ships in excess 600 feet directly across our bow. All the ships were traveling perpendicular to our course, so we were all doing exactly what we all needed to do to live through the day. Then, just as we were getting very close to the crossing point in the channel, a huge Navy Warship blazes out around Willoughby Spit doing 15 knots heading out to sea. At that point, the wind kicked up and I shortened sail so we could ride astern of the Warship as slowly as possible. As we approached the ship in the channel, the wind (of course!) started to gust, and I mean, hard! We already had 3 reefs in the main with the full 140% genny so I eased the sheet and pointed higher up to pull in some sail. Then the wind kicked around to the north and[…]

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