A Night at the Opera

We started the day off with a great idly/sambar at Muthoot Homez Akkulam, one of our haunts along the highway. It’s a cool little place across from the big-ass mall construction site and it’s also one of those quintessential Kerala dining experiences, meaning it’s little more than a lean-to with a kitchen…and totally packed. The food is excellent and fresh and the clientele is always in a hurry. Just our kind of place. The whole point was to get to the Lord’s Hospital queue early and get a number before the crowds showed up. Not to worry, friends, we’ve both been wanting to see a dermatologist while we were here to get some things checked out and see if we could get some grooming surgery done. Once one is no longer young, the skin, it changes. Dena had done some research and found this hospital, which was close to us and had a pretty good rep for that kind of thing. Anyway, the dermatologist decided to take the day off so we rode away. Since a broken water main had washed out the road to the left, we went back the way we came, headed west. We came to a crossroads and I (James) barked ahead, “You want to go left to the beach?” I (Dena) smiled and bolted around the auto-rickshaw/Bajaj delivery truck tangle that had held us up. It doesn’t take much convincing to get either one us stoked for a beach adventure. The breeze was nice, the Arabian Sea was calm and kind, and it was a work day so not many people about. We rode north along the coastal route and dipped into a few different photogenic spots… And ultimately ended up behind one of the christian monstrosities before shrugging and pointing our wheels back home.[…]

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