Happy birthday to James!

When I was in my 30’s I figured that when I made it past my fifth decade I would give up on celebrating the day of my birth. I was wrong about that.


As it turned out I was wrong about quite a few things concerning aging, duh!

No phone

I discovered that, unlike (the above) technology, I could change with the times and celebrate any goddamn thing I want!

I figured when we went back to India this past fall that we would be back on the boat in plenty of time to party underway. Damn, I was wrong about that as well. We were underway alright but not the way we like. We were traveling by Infernal Combustion Vehicle back across the U.S. from Washington to Oklahoma after helping Dean move into his new house.


T38 in da house

…We pointed the car at the Kansas Cosmosphere in Hutchinson, Kansas and drove.

on that road...

Once again we took the Blue Highways ‘cross-country and it was spectacular.

On our first night on the road we found a very cool place to stay via an old friend of ours in northern Idaho just under the Canadian border in a log cabin way off the beaten path.

This is how we roll...

It “belonged” to a wonderful sailing couple who had a beautiful retreat up in the mountains on a huge sprawl of protected land.

Northern Idaho

This was still very early in the road trip and the weather was awesome, then it got shitty.

Through Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota, and Nebraska we never saw the sun and the temps stayed just above freezing, which assured that we would be indoors for my birthday.

The Egg

It was okay, we still got to see the biggest hand painted egg in the world in Wilson, Kansas!

Lean and beige

The road went on and on and ultimately ended us back in Sallisaw, Oklahoma. We’ll be here about a week before heading back to the boat and our more usual joys.


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