Rebuilding the Solar System

When in the course of human events it becomes necessary to destroy a system that no longer works, not just efficiently but at all, the only obvious progression is an absolute and total rebuild, from the waterline up. Any system, whether it be political, jurisprudential, technological, educational, transportation, sociological, microbiological or whatever…when it’s broke, you gut that sucker and start anew. When we first moved aboard S/V S.N. Cetacea we knew we would need to rebuild some of the systems in our little world. We just weren’t sure what was going to reveal itself as an ‘absolute necessity’ first or in what order fails would ultimately occur. So we made our systems-priority-replacement-lists according to our immediate needs as cruising sailors. For example: ground tackle. The boat must stop when you want it to stop! The boat had a decent anchoring system aboard when we got her but it wasn’t what we considered an adequate system for the kinds of anchoring we do, therefore, gut that fucker and make it right! And that is exactly what we did! We kept the totally awesome CQR. We ditched the 50 ft of shitty old chain and replaced it with 200 feet of BBB 5/16. We also ditched the stiff old three-strand for some fancy brait that takes up less room. Yes, we sleep very well at 10:1 with a 15 foot snubber, thank you! When the time came to implement the cascade of changes necessary in order to start using the Monitor windvane (the best helmsman we have in our crew), we would accept nothing less than perfect access to the tried and true system that has never failed us. Flipper, Cetacea’s Monitor, has never had the opportunity to fail us, buried as it’s been below the combination of dinghy davits and solar[…]

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