A leap, with no faith

Our volte-face in the Chesapeake was an awesome call. We went sailing and Deale, Maryland, was were we gunkholed, then bounced on to the Magothy River the following day to survey for the Guide. Three days behind the “No-Wake-Zone” buoys up Cyprus Creek revealed a new free dinghy dock and an awesome Northern Chesapeake swimming experience. We had our sights set on an offshore adventure so it was overnight stays only for the rest of the Chesapeake Bay. After just a single terrifying summer-squall, cool breezes and perfect sunsets were all we got north of Button Beach. After one more perfect shallow Chesapeake gunkhole at the mouth of the Bohemia River, it was Chesapeake City for the last of the Kate-sustenance. We didn’t even stay overnight, though. A few hours after sunset we moved out on an almost-fair current into the C&D Canal. A laying-on of hands was required and James provided it, after the middle cylinder’s decompression level somehow levitated far enough to make the engine run like shit. We met the middle of the night sailing the Delaware Bay and watched the Neowise comet blaze into the northern horizon. Cape May is always the perfect place to get some projects out of the way before an offshore leap, this time to Newport, RI. And then we went sailing! It wasn’t quite the first use of the Monitor, but close, and the system was not quite perfect. As a matter of fact, the roughness disintegrated the rusted, aging latch on the paddle as we were making our big-seas approach to Newport Harbor. On a Sunday. In summer. Why were we going there? Oh right. We’d ordered the supplies for getting the watermaker working and would do an epic walk in order to pick those up. And since we were[…]

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