…on the Prodj

It’s the only work worth doing! When I (James) posed that hypothesis to a woman on the docks in East Hampton, New York, she laughed at me and replied, “Motherhood is the only job worth doing!” And I, of course, replied in absolutely the worst way I could… I laughed, deep from the gut, completely speechless. …I no longer have that job. Feet on the docks in Boston, I went to work proving my worth to my new crew by finding all the things wrong with my new environs, documenting them, and silently, stealthily fixing everything, making it look easy with a wink in my eye and gleaming smile on my totally manufactured mouth, all the while inspiring my new coworkers to continue to perform admirably. Easy-peasy… And Dena, she got to to do the only work worth doing. From my perspective she inspired and activated an entire marina to get to work, for their Indian Summer days were surely numbered! Every single one of the two-hundred or so people living and boating off these docks had to stop and admire the work she was doing on the caprails on S/V S.N. Cetacea. It’s no joke. I (Dena) had more conversations since starting this project than in the six months prior to arriving here. These caprails are about four millimeters thinner than when they were installed, so the fasteners were showing all over the place (having busted their bungs). Rather than sand them smooth, losing another couple millimeters of thickness, we decided to fill the grain with West System G-Flex and go from there. Next steps: prime (2 coats) and paint (3 coats). Meanwhile, I also got the key to being a bike-only family. Color me thrilled! They don’t seem to be making these anymore, so I felt lucky to[…]

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