The Hat Trick

…Is a sportzing term described by the googs as “the achievement of a generally positive feat three times in one game.” for some reason it’s most popular with hockey-sportzers.

But I do love the Cricket-sportzer version, get a load of this mouthful of stupidity, “…the taking of three wickets by the same bowler with successive balls.” AYFKM?! “Successive BALL’S?!”


My version of a summer-power-boater hat trick would be four perfectly aligned storms, one on each of the Summer-Days-Of-Doom…

Memorial Day…

The start of summer...
…first day of summer and we get cold gales all frik’n day

Father’s Day…

…dads got their asses handed to ’em all day long!

4th of July…

Happy fucking Fourth people
Sweaters and Turtlenecks, best 4th Evah!

…and Labor Day.

One more to go for that perfect summer hat trick. I’m crossing my fingers.


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