The summer prodj

I was so jealous of Dena last fall in Boston. While I was rediscovering how truly shitty the marina industry can be Dena was kill’n-it on the new color scheme. Well, my turn! I wanted to continue alternating the the colors all the way up the trunkhouse so the next obvious line was the teak detail strip following the line along the top of the house. Like all the other teak on the boat it was subjected to chemical abrasives for many years before we adopted her so it was pretty fucked up and far gone. Better epoxy that shit. I put two coats of G-Flex all the way around between shitty weather days and wake heavy weekends then wet sanded with 80 grit. …then I primed, …and cleaned, …sanded, …and cleaned, …painted, …and cleaned, And ultimately got a pretty good coat on there. The weather really has been a total drag for most of this spring and summer so I’ve got a dynamic that I’ve been working with. It’s a little frustrating because I’m not able to see the kinds of changes I want, as quickly as I’d like. At this point it’s definitely not what I’d call perfect. I have some touch-up work to do and of course some more clean-up, but hey, at least I’m doing the only work I consider worth doing and best of all… I’m totally not jealous!  

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