Installing the AET Part 1

One of the biggest set-backs you can come up against when your boat is your workshop/is your home is the weather. Springtime is the worst when it comes to relying on the weather! Last weekend was a total bomb. It was cold and blustery and about as uninspiring as it gets for working outside so we completely blew it off for a raging Cetacea Dance Party!!! But this past weekend was absolutely perfect for doing the worst job ever. Through-bolting the primary support bases for the Alternative Energies Tower (AET). We’ve had the AET aboard now for three weeks but because every part of installing this thing is a two person job we really did just have to wait until the time was right. The first thing we did after a healthy breakfast at The Capitol Cafe’ was pull all the tie downs and mock up the AET (above). Next we drilled the holes and emptied the lazaretts. Now I can’t exactly remember who once, a million years ago, compared every job in a lazarette to dumpster-diving but that’s what I think of every single time we get to do some work in a lazarette. Diving in a dumpster sucks and so does every lazarette I’ve ever dove on. I didn’t take any pictures of us in the lazarettes this time. We both just wanted to get the job done as soon as we could before the weather went tits-up again in that uniquely- springtime in New England- kind of way. Like every project we do together we split the work into left-handed and right-handed gigs. Dena (lefty) dove the portside lazarette first. She nailed that shit in a mere hour and a half. During that time she invented the butyl-tape-on-washer-and-wrench (BTWW) method of fastening an unseen through-bolt from a[…]

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