The five to four ratio

Remember the cracked rib thing a couple of blogs back? Well as it turned out, a four day offshore adventure a couple of weeks after doing that is taxing…to say the least. I (James) needed some peaceful anchorage time after the sail from Beaufort to Fernandina Beach. So, even though Fernandina Beach sports the ugliest anchorage we’ve been in on the East Coast of the US, we stayed for five whole days and nights. It’s not like we sat on our asses and stared-at-shit the whole week, sure there was plenty of that, but we had provisioning to do. We ran the primary propane tank out offshore so refilling that tank was job one, requiring a two-and-a-half mile walk to the propane-getting-place. Then we went grocery shopping and packed an oob back to the marina with a ton of shit…then into the parking lot…then onto the dock…then into the dink…then through a totally packed anchorage back to the boat…on to the boat and into the lockers. A totally normal day, over…Dranks! Once you’re in the little town of Fernandina Beach it pretty much looks like every small town on the Florida coast. Lots of Pink, yellow and orange stucco, sand, and palm trees, you know the “American Dream”. There was a visiting replica-tallship, the Nao Trinadad, that was really cool to pull up to in the dink but really that was about it. If you remember from last time we took a four day nor’easter down the coast from North Carolina, so when we showed up in Florida it was on the heels of a pretty chilly cold front. That weather system was the first big winter storm for the eastern seaboard this year and kicked the asses of pretty much everyone north of us. In northern-most Florida, it just[…]

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