The Moon and Mars

Another night where it never got dark! Hold on there, brushfire, we got some story tell’n to do! So we rolled on down the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway meaning, we trudged along on the dead bodies of the vegetation of the dinos…or whatever. Our mother-fucking diesel engine, okay?! I (James) fucking hate that thing! Anyway, the water was so foul off Blount Island, Florida, that we didn’t dare make R.O. water into the tanks. So we had to go ashore for fresh water. We went ashore at Clapboard Creek Fish Camp to load water from their fish-cleaning station. I know, that sounds totally gross and believe me it turned out to be worse than expected. That water had absolutely the foulest sulfur-dioxide smell we have ever experienced in either of our lives. It was…shit, is! I mean I almost gagged now just thinking about it…the worst water we have ever tried to drink. They, “the interwebs”, say that it’s very common in well water in Florida and that it can be treated with bleach but I say it’s unhealthy to drink a beer-fart. We dumped that shit overboard, pulled up the hook and went on over to the Sisters Creek free dock to fill the tanks. The dock filled up quick and an all-Canadian party ensued. We’re not kid people so we quickly disappeared below decks for a nice quiet night on a very busy dock. The skies in Florida are a constant lesson in contrasting dramatic extremes. And so are the currents. We waited for all the bigger boats to leave the dock the next morning before pushing off, which turned out to be kind of a bad idea. Dena was at the helm this time and we had a strong pushing current from the aft port-quarter as well as[…]

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