Fk. Lauderdale again?!

You know, three weeks ago when we finished the propulsion project we were so ahead of the storms that it was totally comical. The wind rose from the southeast every day and broad-reached us all the way through the lower Florida Keys like a leaf on the water. But we quickly realized we were having charging issues with our propulsion wind generator… meaning, we had to get the battery down below 50% before it would even start charging and the controller wouldn’t accept Dena’s battery parameters. By the time we got to Key Biscayne the propulsion pack was hovering around the 51% level and getting only a solar charge. The wind generator was throttling itself back because it thought our battery bank was full. $2,800 US (fucking!) bucks for something that didn’t work was totally unacceptable! We (I [James] am sorry, Dena) emailed and called the manufacturer over and over but they just wouldn’t believe that she was programming the charge controller correctly. I (Dena) pasted screenshots of the entire process into multiple emails, including the computer saying I had the most up to date drivers and all the minutiae of “it must be your computer”. They tried to reproduce our issues in their lab and couldn’t get our fucked-up results, so it had to be our fault. When I (still Dena) finally went shaking-with-anger voice on the tech support person and insisted that it had to be hardware and that they had to…HAD TO…send us a replacement controller and computer interface lead (dongle) express international service we’ve-been-doing-this-for-weeks the-time-to-save-money-on-shipping-was-two-weeks-ago OR ELSE! Well. She said she’d have her boss call us as soon as he returned to his office from downstairs or whatever. Instead, she is the one who called back and explained that yes, they would get the replacement shipped[…]

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