To Bermuda, Day 2

S/V SN-E Cetacea Log Day 2 – 67NM 6/28 Dena’s half watch, noon-12:30 pm 12:13 pm: Saw a bird! Long wingspan for the size of its body, but I didn’t get a great look. Dena’s 1-2 pm watch  1:10 pm: We’re already realizing that avoiding direct sun will be a major activity. With the sun high overhead, I have a moderately comfortable perch under the solar panels. 1:47 pm: Well, here are the light winds we were promised. Main only and sheeted in some to get it off the shrouds when it pumps. We’re still doing a couple good knots, and in the right direction. Woohoo! If we used the motor, we’d just outrun the wind that much worse. I’m holding out hope that the wind will fill in from the southeast like they thought. The water color has definitely changed! Seeing miles of glass water in every direction is disconcerting…then a breath and always moving at the pace of the Earth in the Verse among the multiplicity of it all. James’ 2-3 pm watch  2:26 pm: Making our hour of water. It took 10 minutes to clear the smell but the salts were only 214ppm. James called out right when I switched the product water to go into the tank. A sailfish! I think! Dark, though, with a smaller sail than the ones I’ve seen as trophies (ick). It’s not easy to get photos of underwater creatures. Dena’s 3-4 pm watch There’s a pattern to acclimatization…one more day of Dramamine and I (James) just know I’ll be able to think again. James’ 4-5 pm watch 4:06 pm: I (Dena) spent my whole three o’clock hour fussing with the system. Finally settled on a single reef in the main, gybing to a starboard tack in case the forecasted southeasterly fills[…]

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