To Bermuda, Day 4

S/V SN-E Cetacea Log Day 4 – 44NM


Dena’s 3-4 pm watch 

3:02 pm: We lost the wind but made two hours of water with the propulsion pack cross-connected. It gave the house banks a boost even over what the watermaker needed. 


We’re doing a lot of talking, some reading. Settling in. Beluga Greyfinger is hot most of the time but refuses to come out on deck as long as the big-white-triangle is deployed…

Dude’s gotta get over it.

Our glass world

It was so calm that we celebrated the down-time with a taste of the Kraken…the last of the bottle provided the opportunity to create a message in a bottle.

Antiquated communications

Dena’s 7-8 pm watch 

7:57 pm: The sunsets are brilliant. 

Ripples in the sunset

They’re also happening at a time where they span a shift change and we enjoyed this one together.

Burn baby burn


James’ midnight-3 am watch

…sailing at night on an endless sea filled with ships drinking petrol.

12:06 am: We spent most of yesterday just very slowly motoring on glass water in the right direction.

Our wind didn’t come back up until about 10 o’clock and then it was still only two to three knots and died out again about a half hour ago. Back to gently motoring to keep going…that-a-way.

The cloudiness combined with the lack of wind has meant that we haven’t recharged our batteries as well as we’d like. I just switched house batteries at midnight and usually we’re doing that at six am. The propulsion bank is so strong that we could re-up the house banks.

With great power comes a great need to use that shit!

It’s like that hunny in your pocket at a chandlery…burn’n a hole up in there!

Divert all auxiliary power to the forward shields… Engage!

Dena’s 3-6 am watch 

5:28 am: When I took over at 3, we were sailing strongly but without too much heel. That lasted a gloriously 2+ hours and then the wind unceremoniously died. We must be in a zone with a contrary current because we are only getting 0.5-0.7 knots out of 2.5 amps. I’ll increase it a little, but I really hope it’s sunny today!

For all air and water, the colors amaze

James’ 8-9 am watch

8:48 am: Ah…storm cell weaving again…’k.

A big one with multiple bright orange lightning strikes hitting the water was moving at twice our speed to the south. It had a cut in it just to the north. The cut revealed an orange tower wrapped in a rainbow that looked like the final flag of the month. I navigated into the cut and the rainbow descended upon us from abaft with some kind of vengeance…it wasn’t some divine promise of benevolent bullshitery…it was a colorful frowny-face coming to get me, coming to get us…and kitty too!

Just when I thought we’d all be devoured by Pride-Made-Bad (PMB) the evil-rainbow resolved into a happy little mist that cooled the world and went out with a hisssss.

Frowny rainbow

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