To Bermuda, Day 8

S/V SN-E Cetacea Log Day 8 – 78.6 NM 7/4/2023 James’ 12:30-1:00 pm watch:  Drink more water, move around more and hallucinate less…if at all possible. 12:37 pm: So far, this day is shaping up as less perfect than yesterday. Less wind, and at an angle to the swell that pumps the sails. We have the motor engaged and feel fine about that. Dena’s 9-midnight watch 9:11 pm: Okay, I was wrong. This afternoon turned into a perfect reach that’s still going now. 10:01 pm: The moon rose behind clouds for a spooky effect. I came this close to reefing the main from ambiance alone. We’re still reaching at 4 knots, though. Lovebot isn’t struggling to steer and there aren’t waves it would be dangerous to surf. Just backlit clouds like windows to the void. 10:58 pm: A cool, wet breeze, F2, just took over from the brisk fresh F3. Now I get to wait and find out whether the rain will come to us or pass northeast like so many others from the southeast quadrant. Like the ships, they’re just faster than us. 7/5/2023 James’ 12-3am watch:  Dena hands the tiller over with an offer to drive us the rest of the way between the 3 storm cells I wake up to…I hang tight for a minute or two and gently shoo her away to her bunk. I should’ve reefed! Fuck!!! When the combined winds of the three cells hit I pulled in both headsails and fell off the wind riding a following gust on squared-up waves… Dena’s 3-6 am watch 4:41 am: Must be the heat. I just de-crossconnected the propulsion pack (which we haven’t had to use tonight) from the house battery, which had taken a beating. We were down 5% in just the 3 hours between[…]

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