To Bermuda, Day 10

S/V SN-E Cetacea Log Day 10 – 87.5 NM 7/6/2023 James’ 2-3 pm watch: The world reflects itself…ten days at sea and I’m just now starting to understand where we are in our local universe…yeah, yeah we’re a few hundred miles away from where we came from and a few hundred miles away from the place we’re pointing the boat but this place is truly a place I’ve never been to before…it’s Earth, Solar system, local group…and on and on through the endless blue above and below where we do the Free Ride on the daily…everything is so hot to the touch that every part of my body has to be protected, covered…long sleeves, long pants, socks and a big dumb floppy hat and I’m good. I (James) do believe I will nap on this next down-watch. It’s not out of character for me (Dena) to have a hard time ranking things, so don’t be surprised when I say I can’t decide which is better…no wind, hot, swell against wind waves…or rainstorm after rainstorm with wildly variable winds ending in a double-reefed mainsail just because it slats too much in the light wind otherwise. I hope we get the wind again tonight. James’ 4-5 pm watch When I felt even the slightest breath on the back of my head I jumped to set the headsails and shake a reef! The wind freshened and veered south. We were able to gybe and reach a comfortable position for deploying the yankee. Even the big dominant swell is easier to take at this angle, and Lovebot prefers the boat’s balance with a headsail. Dena’s 7-8 pm watch You know you’re really sailing when your phone keeps coming on like you just picked it up. The waves are at least 4-6 feet at 5[…]

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