To Bermuda, Day 12

S/V SN-E Cetacea Log Day 12 – 102.3 NM 7/8/2023 Dena’s 1-2 pm watch The rambunctious seas are foam-streaked but the foam slides down the far side. I (Dena) remember that there’s a difference, when it comes to the Beaufort scale, in foam that is left behind by the kinetic energy in the waves and foam that is blown down the forward face of the waves. Next step is breaking wave tops and I’m glad we’re not watching those come up our asses. I just applied my first bandaid. I was on the windward side in the cockpit, braced down low on the footwell grate instead of higher on the edge of the seat. James was sitting on that side and we were sharing a cold lunch because cooking seemed way too hard. My hands were full of tortilla and a sort of dip-slash-burrito filling when a bigun’ swept under us. It tipped me towards James on the low side and my butt started sliding on the cushion. I planted my foot but it slipped too and my fourth toe dipped into the square void meant for water.  Ouch owowow. I pursed my lips against the pain and annoyance. James asked if I was okay and of course I said yes. I told him what happened and we both looked. Ugh. Bleeding.  After cleanup it was clear that I’d torn the cuticle. Not badly, just a scrape really. Another wakeup call, though. No getting sloppy out here. The light winds from before are long gone, so the flat seas are too. We have to sail the ocean we’re on, moment to moment. James’ 6-7 pm watch I look abaft and the world is a churning angry mess but to forward the his of the waves leaves only a memory of[…]

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