To Bermuda, Day 14

S/V SN-E Cetacea Log Day 14 – 67.2 NM


James’ 6-7 pm watch

6:13 pm: Just got off the VHF after a second attempt to communicate with Bermuda Radio on channel 27 went poorly. It’s a low-power station and we’re still too far away.

There’s a pre-arrival conversation we need to have and it could have been done online. Seems pretty shocking that we wouldn’t take that option, but we weren’t sure of this stop when we left. I’d hate to end up as an overdue boat if the weather had pushed us to pass by Bermuda!

10:09 pm: Bermuda glows in the dark under careless Cassiopeia. A lighthouse is valiantly proclaiming civilization alongside the light pollution.

A cruise ship is in, but they can’t enter St George harbor, where we’re heading. Ha!


We shortened sail to make sure we didn’t arrive in the dark and succeeded just fine.

James has arrived in Bermuda

Town Cut is incredibly narrow after the 12-mile horizons of the past two weeks.

After the oceanic horizons, this is close

If we have a day, we’re going to hike over to this place…

Entering Town Cut

James landed us on the customs quay and I braved the lion’s den.

Customs dock Bermuda

Clearing in went more than just smoothly…it was a few forms, about a third as much money as I’d expected to pay, and a happy crew leaving the quay to anchor nice and close to the dinghy dock.

Entry by Sea
Entry by SEA!

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