To Azores Day 1

Tuesday July 25 Planning a sailing voyage that’s going to take weeks is a funny thing to do. We won’t be meeting any schedules (by setting minimum speeds and such, which some people do, and they have to accept carrying and possibly burning weeks’ worth of fuel, which we don’t). We will be taking advantage of all the wind we can get but also reefing anytime we want for an easier ride. Usually, we’re factoring tides and currents, wind and waves forecasts. For a day trip, or even a couple days, we try to arrange things so that we’ll arrive in whatever unfamiliar place during daylight. This trip is unlikely to take as few as 19 days (averaging about 4 knots) or as many as 38 days (a 2 knot average), but it could. Do either. See that enormous difference in time to travel, when the speed only went from a leisurely walk to a power walk? It doesn’t really matter where in between those extremes we end up. There’s no making firm plans on the water, and it does even less good to try over 1800 nautical miles. So we slept in. Got more eggs and hardboiled 6 of them. (The bagger at the grocery store hugged us goodbye.) Checked out of Bermuda with customs and immigration, no hassle whatsoever, and the officer sent us off with “Have a safe journey, my beloveds.” We returned to the boat, loaded the dinghy and weighed anchor. 1:40 pm: First watch Convicts Bay, Bermuda. I (James) hauled anchor and Dena took us out to the Ocean…I don’t know if I will ever have a reason to go back to Bermuda…it’s a nice place to stop in the middle of the Ocean but it’s even better to leave in our wake. I (Dena)[…]

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