To Azores Day 6

Sunday July 30 We did 96 NM yesterday in 24 hours and that’s a new record for this leg of the adventure. The sea-state is still very angry but moving us, for the most part, in the right direction so it’s still dealable. 1462 NM remaining on this leg. Dena’s 1-4pm watch 1:50 pm: As soon as I came up for my shift, we decided to pull that second reef. We don’t need to do 6 knots in a building wind. “Reef early” may as well be on a needlepoint sampler when it comes to the great and powerful Cetacea. After I pulled the reef and unclipped my tether to return to the cockpit (no lectures, jacklines are on the list), I saw a little flying fish on the deck. There was no saving it but I threw it back in the water regardless. And then I saw it. A large fish, iridescent blue, green, and purple when the light flashed on it just right. James says it’s a dorado, same kind he saw stalking the boat yesterday. Or maybe stalking the flying fish. I’m glad we did reef. We’re still in the 5 knot realm more often than not. A few days of good mileage will balance the slow start we got, but I’m at home on the boat and in no hurry to arrive anywhere. I’m sure I’ll be missing some very common foods by then (bread, eggs, cheese, for example) but if it goes well, we’ll stop to get what we want rather than out of desperation. And to see the Azores, of course! The theme of being at home has been on my mind a lot, and it makes me think about the pandemic restrictions. James and I are so much more fundamentally fit to thrive[…]

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