To Azores Day 7

Monday, July 31 Day Seven, a week at sea in the Atlantic Flow, Earth’s Ocean. The seas are huge and tumultuous again…and again and again. One of my love/hate design elements about the Baba 30 is the rubstrake. When contrary seas come from abeam , the waves smack the rubstrake and it can be a bit intense down below decks…and again…and again! Dena’s 1-4 pm watch 3:32 pm: I (Dena) sincerely hope that the weather gets better between now and sundown, like the (week-old) forecast said it would. The boat’s motion has been a challenge since yesterday and it’s been tough. Makes me think of people who do this kind of trip in boats with less ballast, less keel…more motion. Every feature of this boat that keeps us on track and something like steady is something I’m glad we have! The funny part is that it’s not that bad compared to what I was nervous about. (And we could still get some of that. We’re one-quarter of the way there in space, whatever that means in time.) It’s just laborious to even sit still because there’s nothing still. I remember the theme from the SF-Hilo trip becoming “no coffee breaks on the ocean”. You can scream at it to stop, but it won’t. The antidote to feeling powerless (when that’s not what I want to ponder) is cleaning something or checking our course or refilling the water bottle. Slowly, carefully, because having it go poorly negates the purpose of the exercise. So it’s all focused mind, controlled body, while pouring water from one container to another on a rollercoaster. James’ 5-6pm watch The lead-line on the port side of the Monitor keeps jumping out of its cam-cleat. I (James) tied it down but we’ve never seen a linear line jump[…]

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