To Azores Day 8

Tuesday August 1 8th Day at Sea! The world is fucking intense. High Cirrus on blue…double reefed with a blankie Yankee doing 6 knots through a choppy flow… 542.1nm from Bermuda… 1268nm to Horta… Dena’s 1-4 pm watch 2:04 pm: It’s summer again! As we came east, we’ve been sneaking up on the sun’s timeline. There are 3 time zones between Bermuda and the Azores, and we decided we’d advance the clock one hour for each 500 nautical miles we traveled. We just did that today, hooray! Who needs the noon hour anyway? The sunset had been coming earlier and earlier each day, like an accelerated autumn. Today, it’ll be almost an hour later (by the clock and by our watch schedule), though the elapsed time will be similar to each of our other days. We’ve been moving into the future the whole time. This is the kind of thing that makes it clear. Time is a ridiculous concept. Meanwhile, after a couple of inactive days, I (Dena) came out enthusiastic about getting something done. I made coffee and soysauge omelette sandwiches, tidied up the main saloon, and gave every I could reach a freshwater rinse. When the waves lay down some more, I’ll get the bow (furlers and turning blocks). If (when) the wind dies down or if we end up on a beat, I’ll get the boom-end, which has taken a few (a dozen) dips recently. Sometimes, we roll at the same time a cross wave rises and dip! It’s not a knockdown because oftentimes the side deck doesn’t even get wet. And because…well, it just isn’t! James’ 4-5 pm watch Today as I (James) wrote in my sci-fi novel “Wundehar”…all the whole the sailing some how got perfect. Dena shook a reef and set both headsails and[…]

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