To Azores Day 13

Sunday August 6 Day 13 in our neighborhood started with that aforementioned brew…warm and black with a kick of consciousness at the end. The world’s ocean rolls and lulls us along at the pace of 2.4 knots. The speed of the verse today. I just love the colors of everything. A little yellow and red fish quickly inspects a man-o-war then ducks back under the boat for shade. We are a part of this world moving and living within this living and constantly moving system of careless intensity. Over the last 24 hours we traveled 58.4 nautical miles…not so great but hey we live here what else are we going to do? We seem to have come in to some settled weather…the clouds are the white fluffy variety and the winds are directly behind us and constant.I would prefer having more sail out but this is nice, we’ll take it. The hours off watch have become almost the same as the hours on watch. Lovebot drives Cetacea…we glide along within her protection away from another sunset. Dena’s 4-5 pm watch 4:08 pm: I worked on Shriving for three hours and that meant reading what I’d already written so I have a running start at what is left to cover. It felt like a lot so I checked the project stats and remembered suddenly that this is part of what withered my energy for the manuscript last time. I’m maybe a third of the way through the story and I have almost a hundred thousand words. Wow. This time, I’m going to just keep on going and not get stymied by the idea that there are a shit ton of darlings I’m going to have to kill. (Kill your darlings is one of those creepy sayings in the writing world, meaning[…]

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