To Azores Day 16

Wednesday August 9 Day 16 under the bluest sky’s you’ve ever seen…incredible! 1112.0nm traveled, 741 to go on this leg. 26.8nnm traveled in 24 hours…738.4nm to go meaning…we went 26nm to go 3nm in the right direction…that’s a new slowest record for us. James’ 6-7 pm watch 6:14 pm: James just made us a can of macnchz doctored up with pesto and bacn bits. We’d usually buff up that kind of meal with a sandwich but we ate the last of the bread a few days back and the last of the eggs before that. Actually, we have 4 more hard-boiled eggs for storm eating or to put in curries, but no regular ones. We definitely need more than 2 loaves of bread next time, but we didn’t realize we wouldn’t be able to get English muffins or pita. More bread products in general, and if something molds, it will feed the fishes. In cool water, we can also start with more than 18 eggs. There’s a lot of space under the stove against the hull, but it’s no good for eggs while in the Gulf Stream. More eggs and more room in the fridge is a big upside to being north! We’ve been out of fresh veggies for over a week and that’s fine. The last of the garlic fell in the sink and got drenched. We drank the last of the expensive apple juice yesterday but still have one each orange and cran-pom. We’re good on chips and trail mix. Lots of rice. Canned goods too. Beans, canned fruit, chili, ravioli, tomato soup, olives, mushrooms… The only trouble is that almost all our meals from here on out have to be assembled. For example, I can make a coconut curry, but that’s a bare minimum of 4 ingredients[…]

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