To Azores Day 17

Thursday August 10 Still becalmed in the great Atlantic flow, 15,404 feet of the bluest water one could imagine directly under us. Marathon, FL. 2061nm Lake Sylvia, Fk. Lauderdale, FL. 1970nm Convicts Bay, Bermuda.1069nm We broke all of our previous offshore sailing records…San Francisco to The Big Island of Hawaii was 2040nm. Today we are 21nm farther out to sea from our starting point than we’ve ever been before. James’ 1-4 pm watch 1:31 pm: I (Dena) did it! I went swimming underway in the ocean! It was colder than I expected and so salty. I enjoyed being all the way immersed and rubbed myself down with a washcloth. Ahhh, my skin is so happy! We were still moving, and I won’t do that again. It’s not that easy to hold onto the ladder and scrub myself clean while the water is really flowing. I’ve done plenty of swimming in currents as strong while at anchor but, without the dinghy behind and in the middle of nowhere, the consequences of something going wrong seem more dire. James watched over me, boat pole in hand in case any largish fish decided to check me out. We have a few little ones that have adopted our shade, but they didn’t get within a foot of me. James’ 5-6 pm watch Dena went for a swim but the wind kicked up so we sailing shortly thereafter…it died again so we tucked the second reef down and watched the verse breath…in and out…up and down…over and over again. The wind came up around 4pm and the sailing got good! Dena’s 6-7 pm watch 6:14 pm: We have been sailing east-northeast with double-reefed main and 100% yankee since the wind came up. We’re doing a lot of 3 knot moments and it feels comfortable…too comfortable[…]

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