To Azores Day 19

Saturday August 12 Day 19 at sea… We have sailed 1324.4nm across the Atlantic flow… 571.4nm to go to Horta. This is real life and I love where I live. We did 101nm yesterday and it was beautiful the whole time. Today has started out about the same. It’s almost impossible to not get esoteric when you’re immersed in the world the way we are…everything is poetry on such a grand scale all you can do sometimes is sigh. Dena’s noon-1 pm watch 12:18 pm: Low-key running downwind is totally fine with me. We’re making good speed and heading pretty much right at Horta, so what’s not to like? Dena’s 8-9 pm watch What a beautiful clear sunset! It had just the lowest level of course for character, but was largely a feast of colors. I’m always so amazed to see green in the sky, and the clear days give me the biggest range of color. James’ overnight watch The sea has finally layed down enough to practically resume normal life. We still have that random southerly swell but it doesn’t seem to be as angry. Heading into my long overnight at 3.6-4.2 knots on general seas…I’ll take it. Dena’s 9-10 am watch 9:43 am: There’s a little fish, about 7-8 inches long that’s swimming along in the shadow of Lovebot’s paddle. It darts ahead and out of sight occasionally. Feeding on something that slid down the hull towards it? I really don’t know, but I just stood at the stern watching it live its life for a good long stretched out while (which could mean anything between 5 and 15 minutes the way time’s passing lately). We’re slow again and pretty mellow on the waves. I really could do this forever, except for how we’re running out of food.[…]

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