To Azores Day 20

Sunday August 13 Day 20 starts with 520nm to go to Horta! 1375.4nm traveled from Bermuda. 51.5nm traveled in the last 24 hours… What?! Who’s in a hurry? We had pasta soup for breakfast… What?! Playing cards…doing watches…the Earth rolls along we roll with it. Surrounded by 4 dorado’s. I couldn’t get them to even look at my lure. I’m feeling a life of adventure was really the way to go for us…we can do this and make beautiful and exciting all at once. Everything is so fucking big, ‘sept us. Dena’s overnight watch 11:53 pm: I don’t feel like talking to the ship about to pass us astern. We haven’t called all of them, but we’ve tried some for weather and contacted others to make sure they saw us. Their destination according to the AIS is coded to make use of a small number of characters. So Corpus Christi Texas is frequently US-CRP and Amsterdam has shown up as NLAMS. There’s no agreed upon port code, it seems, like the airport codes. This ship is going to ESALG. And then I wonder whether this isn’t skewed towards English. Could be ES is España? James’ 11-noon watch 11:31 am: I used half of the remaining pancake mix to make biscuits. I have a new thing where I put some herbs de provence in the mix and more on top before baking. With garlic smush and canned mushrooms fried in butter until they stop sputtering (drying out from the water they’re packed in) and the regular country gravy mix we usually use, it’s a filling and pleasurable meal. I’m so glad it’s cool enough to do real cooking. It’s easier to be patient in super light winds when we’re using the calms to make wonderful meals. James has said he’ll make[…]

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