To Azores Day 26

Saturday August 19 26 days of living here… We eat, we sleep we read we write we love on each other we pet the cat and we sail the boat through our world. The marching rain cells have descended…they started just before 6 this morning and have been rolling on by all day. I got soaked…grrr. …And Cetacea performs her survival trick with us aboard. Dena’s 5-6 pm watch 5:13 pm: After so much dead air (it went absolutely still in the morning) and yesterday’s blazing fast average of 1.5 knots, it’s a sudden and welcome pleasure to have real wind to sail with. It’s only been coming up for about a half an hour, but is already about 10-12 knots.  5:35 pm: Back out in the cockpit. I finished that last sentence right as it started raining. The clouds are moving quickly, though and that one is done. Out here, we can so attentively watch the clouds build and then tatter at the bottom and finally unravel scarves or whole blankets of rain into the sea below. We watched earlier while an arrestingly solid cloud bank emptied its entire being on the surface, salt water welcoming fresh, and became whatever you have when a skein of yarn is all used up. While that drama, miles high and wide, played out, a hunting party crossed our path. Lots and lots of dolphin, as many as 50, circled, darted, and breathed. Some ce closer to check us out but most kept working until…leaping! Right out of the water! One left two body-lengths of clear sky visible under its tail before summersaulting to descend, as though it were just one of its many options, and cleave the water without a splash.  I’ve seen documentaries about dolphins corralling the prey fish and then[…]

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