To Azores Day 29

Tuesday August 22

Day 29 and Faial is in full view!

I can see details on the entire western face of the island.

Land Ho!

We traveled 39.4nm over the last 24 hours and we are now 39.2nm to Horta…the wind finally came around to the west giving us a much better and faster angle.

We are now, as the albatross flys, 2773.4nm from Marathon, Florida!

James is hardcore

Dena’s 4-5 pm watch

The chartplotter tells us the distance and ETA to our destination and today, for the first time, it’s not a joke.

It only give the time of day, so we’d read it out to each other and laugh. “Yeah, but 2:45 pm of which day?”

The sunset before making landfall

Now, we’re approaching Faial and it’s so very real out there. It’ll be today or very very early tomorrow morning. 


Approaching Horta

Dena’s 4-5 am watch

Landfall 0500 Horta, Ilha Faial, Azores, Portugal…29d16h40m


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