Another winter in paradise

We have sailed the ocean blue and found a place of ancient familial connections. We put that hook down and laughed at the effort.

Our tender, Tursiops, with fresh bottom paint under a Terceira sunset
anchored on the North end of Praia da Vitoria

When you first show up to a place, newness is pretty much the dominating feeling.

Walking through Praia
Cabo da Praia (the south end of the harbor, where the fishers dock and industrial shipping happens) from Praia da Vitoria

The way the autumn light reflects off the particular stone making up the streets (not Fells Point serpentine, something volcanic?), the mysteriously timed bells that chime from the cat-licker buildings, the grudging smiles transforming the (is it just me or is it) ubiquitous resting-bitch-faces, and the way the non-sailors everywhere look at us and pass that very local version of judgment. It feels as if life starts anew every day and then again the next and the next one after.

All the streets
Shadows of autumn

Then one day it all looks so familiar. All of a sudden, we’ve been here in the Azores for a nice long time.

At the pro docks
At the pro-docks

We do our epic-walks and our projects and the weather descends upon us like the winter that could give-a-shit about our mortality…like it always does.

Full of propane

When anchored, we snuggle down south in southerlies. Shore access at the fishing docks fouls our shoes a bit but convenience and a whole lot of being ignored make us grateful. There’s a bad grocery store and an excellent restaurant.

At the northern end, we’re either anchored off the beach or in the marina. Storms spin across the planet and our safe zone shifts as they pass over. The fetch can be brutal, so retreating behind the breakwater has been a prudent move more than once. The marina is also our dinghy dock and we can use the bathrooms and showers and laundry whether we’re paying for a slip or not. Ultimately, the cyclonic reality of seasonal weather inspires us to descend upon another marina in Winter.

Not plugged in, not running a generator. We still haven’t burned fossil fuels for a single watt since April 23rd, 2023, when we grabbed the mooring in Marathon for the electric motor conversion…and we were floating on both banks before we ran that diesel for the last time, so I’m not sure that should even count! Today, 7 months and 16 days later, we’re docked and making water off our 1800 kw wind and solar system. We’ve got this.

Wintering all up in this...
That’s right we live here…

We love being at anchor… we love being underway with all of our powers…wind, electrical, emotional, et-cet and all that…but most of all we love this life with each other, ourselves and the gato…

…so special!

…et al!

Octopus neighbor
…our octopus neighbor.

This! This world! We live here.


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