The electric advantage

We just heard that the guy who was prepping his NorSea 27′ for an electric circumnavigation from Seattle is approaching Hawaii. We were thinking he might be the one to challenge our potential world record as the smallest electric boat to circumnavigate. The only problem: he’s not on an electric boat. He says he is, and he has an electric motor aboard, but discovering he backed it up with a gas generator that he ended up using all down the California coast was a shocker to say the least! That’s not an electric boat, that’s a gas boat! I (James) am so fed up with that stupid bullshit! I am so sick and tired of these people who claim to be doing something revolutionary like taking an electric sailboat around the world and at the last moment packing a cheap genset aboard, 50 gallons of gas, and taking off under the false pretenses of going electric. That’s not revolution, that’s a fucking lie supporting the status quo. (For those of you who don’t know: genset is the term for generator-set meaning a combination of diesel or gas engine and electric generator.) We’re on this leg of our life’s adventures at sea to prove -once and for all- that the world can be discovered under sail with a completely electric auxiliary motor as back up. I get the idea of wanting to cover all your bases for the sake of self preservation and the ‘Prudent Sailor Survives’ and all that crap but you are either going electric or you’re sucking at the petroleum tit. And that’s all there is to it. Now backing up a few years, when we first started batting around the idea of going electric, we were looking at a beautiful Tayana 37 Pilothouse with a dead diesel[…]

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