Santa Maria to Madeira Day 2

Tuesday 4/30 Dena’s 1500-1600 watch I love leftovers. While we were off Santa Maria, James made pasta and enough delicious red sauce to fill a reused salsa bottle. Today’s lunch was a packet of creme da marisco (seafood cream soup) with those leftovers for chunky cream of tomato seasoned just how I like it. Lucky me! Marvelous and easy, whereas the original sauce would be hard to manage with the way we’re moving. Yep, winds are still light. I’m glad the swell isn’t any bigger than it is, but the fact that it’s coming from the port quarter while the wind is off the starboard quarter…when the wind sighs to a stop, we’re rolling from side to side.  James was laughing about how we should have made a video of us eating…at the table hip to hip, each gripping a bowl with one hand and a mug in the other, waiting for perfect moments to let go in order to use a spoon or dip a sandwich (totally unnecessary pbnjs). I laughed too because I don’t know if it looked stately and skillful or bumbling and built to spill. Very little sky entertainment last night. Cloud cover was profound. We just discussed our overnight plan and I’m going to take the first whole night, 2100-0900. I’ll treat it like a singlehander with naps and alarms and, if the sky is clear, the endless wonder of the universe. Dena’s overnight watch, 2100-0900 It’s 2200 now and the wind has died so completely that I can only feel it when we’re rocking back and forth. And then it’s just a brief touch on whichever side I’m being rocked toward. It’s pretty early in the night to be on the electric motor, but I’d rather keep moving in the right direction during the[…]

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