Santa Maria to Madeira Day 5

Friday 5/3 Dena’s 1400-1500 watch Started off the new sailing period with a pbnj sandwich, baked beans, and a nap. Totally satisfying. When I went above to check things out at the beginning of this watch, LoveBot was struggling a bit. I also realized that we were too far upwind to stay on track. A bit more staysail, tracking over the main a little, and we are going strong. Maybe a little too strong? It’s a fast tack, that’s for sure. Closer to a beam reach than a close reach, so we’re getting even more spray into the cockpit.  The kicker is that my waterproof pants gave out all the way across a thigh seam. I mean, halfway around the entire leg. I’m not pleased. A wet cockpit and no waterproof pants means I’m about to cycle through every pair I own, drying the wet ones while wearing the driest. I sincerely hope we get less wave action soon, but I don’t think it’s going to happen. Dena’s 2000-2100 watch Since noon, our average speed has been 4.1 knots. For us, in these conditions, that’s pretty fast. It’s also unusual for people to plan passages on average speeds that low. We’re a different kind of sailor, but not without our role models. Not long ago, Annie Hill wrote a blog post about slow travel, a clever reference to slow food. Pretty much every one of Shirley’s posts on Speedwell of Hong Kong fits the bill. The wind is abating but I don’t expect it to get actually gentle until Sunday. If we could maintain this speed, we’d be hook down off Madeira Sunday afternoon. I think Monday is more likely. Saturday 5/4 Dena’s 2400-0300 watch Hello broad reaching, my old friend. James decided to move the wind abaft the beam[…]

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