Santa Maria to Madeira Day 7

Sunday 5/5 Since we’re not going to stand off and wait for daylight to enter the anchorage, it’s kinda silly to be so wrapped up in the math on when we might arrive, but here I am.  We’re almost 35 nautical miles away so, at a 2-3 knot average speed, that means somewhere between 4am and 9am. We could arrive faster if the wind backs around north as the forecast calls for, but I’m not counting on anything. Meanwhile the alternating overcast and sunny periods keep it interesting, and the mountainous island is abeam to starboard. Plenty to see and enjoy, if I can stop doing math for a minute. Monday 5/6 At anchor  We eased down the lee shore, a rocky spine we then motored back up behind. Two boats were in the anchorage, but one left as we approached. We got the spot I wanted! This is a beautiful place. Anchorage position: N 32° 44.741’ W 016° 42.621’Distance noon to destination: 48.3 NMAverage speed: 2.65 knFinal trip distance: 517.5 NM

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