Madeira to Lanzarote Day 1

Tuesday, May 7 James’ anchor-up to 1600 watch We’re off!  No forecast in hand because neither of us had time left on our data sims. We tried calling two different boats on VHF but got no response. I don’t know whether they weren’t listening to channel 16, which would be rather scandalous, or chose not to talk to us. Both boats were French and we hailed them in English, after all. James’ 1700-1800 watch Our morning arrival in Madeira gave us all day to do chores and we still had time to get a nap in! It felt good.  The lifeline netting was so worn from being bleached and then being exposed to UV full time for years that it was just coming apart. We removed it and added replacement netting to the shopping list. We got a great deal on 316 grade stainless steel tube fittings from Sailrite when we did the electric motor conversion, but one piece has been driving us crazy. The support tube for the newer, 48v wind generator has an end fitting with an eye that goes to a base with a pin. The pin is a loose fit and it both rattles and lets the top portion of the tower move forward and aft. Just a little, but enough to be irritating. After trying some fancy fixes, we went simple: wrapping electrical tape around the pin. We’ll see! The head’s intake hose started leaking on the last leg from Madeira and, believe me, that’s the best case scenario when you suddenly have wetness under the pump. Any other part of the system and the leakage does not consist of good clean seawater. The diagnosis was a stripped hose clamp, so I pulled the thing off and replaced it. The hose is a little screwed[…]

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