Madeira to Lanzarote Day 2

Wednesday, May 8 Dena’s 1300-1400 watch Sailing at about 2.5 knots is no hardship with the new, calmer sea state. We’re on a close reach, making up some of the easting we lost in the dead air this morning. The sky is overcast and has me feeling sleepy. Maybe I’ll nap on my next off-watch. Yesterday, I tried to rush below to grab the camera and I jammed my second toe on the companionway sill. It hurt enough that I iced it, and I’m glad. I avoided the swelling I may have gotten. The bruising rings the whole toe, probably the effect of gravity but still rather impressively painful looking. No pain at rest, so it’s not bone. Dena’s 1500-1600 watch Not only did I nap, James didn’t rouse me until 10 minutes into my watch! We’re now on a beam reach, or just behind the beam, F2. It’s an easygoing 3 knots. We’re still clouded over and not making much solar for propulsion, but both house batteries are full. Dena’s 1700-1800 watch James spotted a dolphin just before my watch started. It was alone, oddly, and he’s sure it was a spinner so that’s unusual. It paced us, surging ahead and falling behind a few times, for about 15 minutes and then dropped astern, dove, and was not seen again. The cool part was how close it came. I wonder if fishers throw bait to dolphin around here… Dena’s 2100-2400 watch I love this. The sound of water on the hull like surf, the stars and even the clouds that cover them. The wind that sends us rocking across the miles and the belief that we’re here in relation to there. I’m so glad we left Terceira. I needed this. Thursday, May 9 Dena’s 0900-1000 watch Week after week[…]

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