Madeira to Lanzarote Day 4

Friday, May 10

The wind is gentler again but I hold out hope of arriving before full dark, if not before sundown. For a while there, the chartplotter was tossing up times in the late afternoon but, as I said in the last log, I’ll sacrifice a little speed for a comfortable, low-stress ride.


Today I let my feet burn a bit so I’m suddenly very aware of my skin. After these last outdoorsy 18 days, I’m feeling a little crunchy. James says I have “good color” which I think means I’m browning up. My freckles never take over my face completely but they are definitely robust. 

Too bad my phone won’t stop touching up my face. It smooths wrinkles and texture, which means it fades out my freckles. I’d rather enjoy the spectacle of crow’s feet splaying from my pushing-50 eyes and keep the freckles. I remember vividly the store clerk in Beebe, Arkansas, who told 8-year-old me they were sun kisses.


Anchored! Not loving the location, but it’s alright. 

Hook down in Lanzarote

Anchored position: N 28° 51.577’ W 013° 49.325’
Distance over 7 hrs 37 min: 31.8 NM
Average speed: 4.2 kn
Trip distance covered: 289.3 NM


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