Pirate Shorts by James Lane

In 2022 while shaking down S/VSN-E Cetacea’s rig before the first leg of our Electric Circumnavigation I began having visions of modern-day pirates off the coast of the US Eastern Seaboard. While we were dedicating ourselves to sailing rather than running a diesel whenever the weather was in doubt we watched most of the “Sailboats” around us start their engines and motor away. I thought about how some folks in our society must view these spoiled yachtsmen in their giant expensive motor-sailboats starting their engines whenever it’s convenient to them as opposed to sailing their sailboats like sailors. I made up a couple of poor schmucks in my head who had been traumatized then marginalized by years of violence and how they would view such a decadent thing as the annual yachty boat-show precession down the North American Intracoastal Waterway…Enjoy, JL

Fast at Sea

Pirate Shorts, Story 3

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If you’re going to plunder on the high seas you better not fuck it up. Nelson, once again, learns that the hard way and Radix, once again, gets to save his ass.

Ethics at Sea

Pirate Shorts, Story 2

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If you’re going to pirate there has to be a reason and if there’s a reason to pirate then there has to be an ethic. A pirate without ethics is a sunken ship waiting to happen, so Nelson better learn his ethics and how to fight with a sword if he’s going to sea with Radix.

Avast at Sea

Pirate Shorts, Story 1

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Radix and Nelson spent their formative years at war with the world for their country. Now they are at sea on the schooner Moriarty with the weight of all that death and destruction on their minds and the wind in their sails. Better get some yachty pirating done while the getting’s good.

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