I am a Photographer, a Writer, a Sailor and a Ships-Chandler.  I have lived aboard our boats for 17 of the past 18 years and I still believe it’s the best way for me to live on this planet.

I am also an anarchist, an atheist and a lacto-ovo-pescetarian but at this point I am so done with talking about my politics, my lack of religion and my diet that that’s about all I’ll say on the matters.

Sailing to me is the one way that I’ve figured out how to travel and remain within the boundaries of my own familiarity. Although all things in my life are transient and ownership, I believe, is impossible I have discovered though the years that it’s important to maintain a certain level of intimacy with a few things in life, such as books, my music and whatever boat I’m on at the time. The three boats that we’ve had have been the perfect place to keep those few objects that make wherever we go our home. And of course the one thing in my life that makes all the places I roam my home is my partner and co-captain, Dena Hankins

…And just to qualify my anarchy for all those critics out there,

My partner is with me because she chooses to be…  My books I buy, borrow and give away (sometimes), my music I pirate and my boat is such a complicated jumble of ancient, breakable technology that I worry very little about her sailing away without me!

So here it is, the last 18 years of my life one split second at a time.

1999- the Puget Sound from Seattle to Vancouver Island and all points in between…


2000- Winter in Blaine, Washington…


2001- The straight of Juan De Fuca heading to San Fransisco…


2002- The San Fransisco Bay just East of Alcatraz….


2003- Marina Bay, California…


2004- The Oakland Inner Harbor and Alameda, California…


2005- Decker Island, up the California Delta…


2006- 1000 miles West of the Golden Gate Bridge…


2007-  Radio Bay, Hilo, Hawaii…


2008-  Trivandrum, Kerrala, India…


2009-  Heading North from Hampton, Virginia to Baltimore, Maryland…


2010- Baltimore Inner Harbor…


2011- Fairly Creek, Eastern Shore of Maryland…


2012- Great Diamond Island, Casco Bay, Maine…

2013- Aboard Schooner, Mystic Whaler


2014 On The Bumble, Wessagussett, Ma.


2015 The Lighthouse Keeper of Seguin Island, Me.



2016 Sailing to Baltimore and back to Eastport


2017 with a new grill in Mahabalipurm, TN.

For My Mom


  1. You’re still a good looking dude. I think Carefree took ten years off your life but you can’t tell by the pics! I see you sail naked and you do shave. Keep on keepin on Jimmy Crack Corn. You always have a friend in me. Have a fine nautical day.

  2. Good on ya.

    Nice life you & Dena have created!

    Found you on CL Maine at your boat for sale ad.

    Which country you going to?

  3. OK, Here we go. I need more info , on you.
    1. Who is the best guitarist ?
    2.Is it true ,you have saltwater in your veins?
    3. Do you have an addiction, to peeing in the ocean?
    4. Are Mermaids real or fictitious ?
    5. Would you bang one ,if they were real?
    6. What was the best day in your life?
    7. Who shot Kennedy?
    8. Do you have a superpower?
    9. Where is Jimmy Hoffa?
    10. If you had a chance for space travel , would you go ?
    That’s enough for now. Have a great day. Aloha Brah…

  4. Well, I should have guessed. It is true ,that I know you better than I have let on . But this is no surprise to you. The mermaid question was a giveaway. Thanks for playing, the Salty dog Questionnaire.

  5. Aloha my Friend,
    It was lite for a while.
    But again, I’m feeling your pain. I think that you are a great thinker.
    Your passion will never die. However, try get some free FM, in this market….
    Our newly ?… Discovered media MASS has been cooking us for years now.
    Yes, Global warming is something , many generations will have to face.
    But , will our generation be able to change it ?
    We have many things that will face us in life.
    I prefer to keep it simple. Can I get through this without “pandemic” or some other crazy fuckers mindset?
    We”ll see .My word for you is “Keep on Truckin”
    Joe Cocker still is….
    Aloha Brah,

  6. Aloha Tom,
    I don’t think that “many” generations will have to deal with global climate change at all, not human generations anyway…
    Don’t get me wrong I’m not that heavy and never have been, I will never procreate so I really could give a fuck about any other generation other than the one I’m in. I just know that this is the time in our history where as a species we have the resources, the talent and the technology to heal rather than continue to destroy… That’s all.

  7. Aloha My Friend,
    I’ve been checking in on you guy’s from time to time . I hope your “New” adventure’s are going well. Summer is at it’s close and soon ,too soon, you will be back to layered clothing. I just wanted to let you know that “We” (Kate,I & your followers) are hoping your safe and Happy. Drop a note , when you have time.
    Aloha as always,

  8. Hello James: Time of year WM lets me go. Just wanted to let you know,WM store is being rebuilt. Hope you both are O.K. Have not heard from you for some time.The summer
    seams to have gotten longer.Good for you two.
    Drop a line sometime.

  9. Writing to ask permission to use one of your photos in a website.

    When you have a moment, if you don’t mind, please contact me.

    Thank you for your time. Love your photos.


  10. Sure thing Dan…
    let me know which one you want to use and split any money you make off it 50/50 with me…
    I saw your cool website please post what you do with it when you can!

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