Vegetarians at the Islamic Feast

So yeah.  James and I are vegetarian.  Soft-core – we eat fish and other sea-creatures, but no land animals or birds.  Blahblahblah. It’s been really easy to be full-veg here in India.  The majority religion is a vegetarian one, and most restaurants seems to be labeled veg, non-veg, or veg and non-veg.  We’ve mostly stuck to the veg only ones.  (Pure veg, by the way, means no egg when looking at restaurant signs in India.) So we moved into our new digs.  We had our first night, sleeping on our comfortable spring mattress (an extravagance in a land of flat pallet type mattresses, but well worth it).  The first full day, we met a bunch of our neighbors.  The family across the street was out and about in front of their house…and boy did we get a grand introduction!!! The 1st of October is the official end of Ramadan (or Ramzan) and the beginning of a two day feast after a month of fasting for Islam. We live in about a 98% Islamic hood.  When we got to our gate and said hi to the neighbors, they invited us to the first hour of the feast beginning at 9:30 am. We very graciously accepted the invitation, woke up the next day and went to breakfast at our new neighbors’ house across the street… Well, Islamic people as a rule are not vegetarian!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah – we knew that.  For some reason, we thought that breakfast, of all meals, would have some kind of non-meat options… We have a rule.  If someone prepares a bunch of food for us and, out of kindness and ignorance, serves us meat, we will eat it with big smiles on our faces, enjoying it to the very limits of our abilities. They served us both a[…]

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