This IS the next chapter!

On Friday the 13th in 2009 we signed the paperwork and bought a beautiful new (to us) sailboat henceforth to be called, S/V ITINERANT! …Once again, at sea at last! S/V Itinerant is a (we think) 1961 Philip Rhodes designed “Chesapeake” sloop rigged sailboat. She came equipped with 180 watts on 3 solar panels and a Rutland 913 wind power generator, we are now officially OFF-THE(Mythical)-Grid!!! Fair Winds And Following Seas, Sucka’s!!! Saturday the 14th- V-Day! Our first night aboard S/V Itinerant and all is well! Our new marina, the “Rebel Marina” on the Willoughby Spit in Norfolk, VA. is a real gem in the sea of iffy Chesapeake marinas! It’s not only beautiful it’s friendly and has incredible access. For cruising sailors they offer free wi/fi, a loaner car and a very intensely hot, hot-tub!

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