Day 6 with bad weather fore and aft

When last we wrote, the snow was beginning to fall across our lovely floating home.  Since then, we’ve had drifts and ice-pack, washed her down in saltwater to break up the chunks, and failed, yes failed, to shower. Reedville was somewhat inviting.  The first walk we made was for dinner – the broken propane fitting pushed us off the semi-cozy boat and into a much cozier fireplace-front seat at the restaurant.  Well-prepared food and a very nice staff, the place is called Tommy’s and yes it’s the only restaurant in town.  I recommend it if your purse-strings are loose – we swallowed hard and realized that we were in trouble but in the end, a meal well worth it . See, we were at the only food-serving establishment within walking distance.  We could do sandwiches, sure, but we hadn’t stocked enough bread for days on end of that. And the other piece of bad news – the marina’s showers are in the marina’s bathrooms.  Now, I am very thankful that the water was not turned off in those bathrooms, because I don’t like using the boat head for solid waste (like the euphemism?).  However, these bathrooms are unheated.  With concrete floors.  There was nothing – not an itch nor an odor – that could induce me to step out of my clothing, put bare feet on sub-freezing concrete, and take a lukewarm shower. It was all about the whore-bath. Anyway, we spend our first night at Reedville Marina with our brows raised – the wind made us keep our eyes on our electrical multimeter.  The wind generator kept the battery just…barely…under the danger high voltage range.  The propane cabin heater (Sig Marine Cozy Cabin, in case you’re interested) did a fabulous job of pumping heat into our environment.  The propane[…]

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