The escape, an adventure in perfect sailing.

I’m down below decks listening to the rain and early fall wind howl through our wind generator, I’m shaking my head, tisking my tongue and thinking about out last adventure… You’ll love this one, it’s got a happy ending! The job was over… I had put all of my wage-slaving resources into that (broken application of an oblivious ideal) job and come out of my two month haze with a powerful sense of independence and caring. The lines were tossed off, we were underway and it was 0630 hours. The night before our escape we loaded up our little pick-up with all of our non-sailing gear and building supplies and parked it at the Liberty Marina about a quarter of a mile away from Oak Grove, where our boat was. I didn’t sleep worth a shit but by the time we got underway I was as freaked out and as ready for an adventure as I’ve ever been. We set sail to the Sou-Easterly breeze freshening off our beam just East of the South River Bridge and I started up my computer so I could send off my resignation; it read… Dear Carefree Boat club, I quit. My final day of work was Friday September 24th 2010. Please attempt no further correspondence. James …And just like that, I was not working for the Carefree Boat club or rather, free of carefree. I guess I have to give some kind of reason behind my abrupt retreat from my former employer or a passing reader might think I was little more than a disgruntled slacking dock hand… Oh, believe me it was so much more than that. Here’s my take on the aforementioned ‘oblivious ideal’. Let’s say you (not really you but some other you, whatever…) got “the hook” and you want[…]

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