What’s in a name?

Itinerant From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia An itinerant is a person who travels from place to place with no fixed home.[1] The term comes from late 16th century: from late Latin itinerant (travelling), from the verb itinerari, from Latin iter, itiner (journey, road).[2] Types of itinerants * Drifters (rogues, rovers, vagabonds, vagrants) * Perpetual travelers, including illegal aliens (migrants) * Nomads, including hunter-gatherers and gypsies * Hobos, including tramps, bums, derelicts * Refugees and displaced persons * Street people (street children, paupers, squatters, waifs, schnorrers) * World citizens Itinerants throughout history and today * Freight Train Riders of America (freighthoppers in United States) * Romani people * Various indigenous peoples (indigenous peoples, including uncontacted peoples) * Afar people in Horn of Africa * Bajau of Philippines * Banjara of India * Bedouin (nomadic Arab people of the desert) * Beja people in North Africa * Bushmen of Southern Africa * Dom people in North Africa and Southwest Asia * Eurasian nomads of Eurasian Steppe * Ghilzai in South-Central Asia * Indigenous Australians * Indigenous Norwegian Travellers * Indigenous peoples of the Americas * Irish Travellers * Kuchi people of Afghanistan * Nomads of India * Pygmy peoples in Equatorial Africa and parts of Southeast Asia * Quinqui in northeren half of Spain) * Scottish Travellers * Yeniche people in Europe * Carnies (travelling show-people) * Hippies, including New Age travellers and Rainbow Travellers * Jossers (circus artists) * Kobzari (musicians of Ukraine) * Lightermen (bargees in England) * Peredvizhniki (realist artists of Russia) * Swagmen (homelessness transients in Australia and New Zealand) * Circuit riders and Gyrovagues (Christian ministers and monks) * Bhikkhus (Buddhist monks) * Mendicants (beggars of Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Jainism and Buddhism) * Pilgrims (religious travellers) * Sadhus (Jain monks) *Global Circumnavigaters * Christopher McCandless * Friedrich[…]

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