Different Presents

Like I said in my birthday post, my dad bought me an iPad for my birthday and James bought a whole bunch of great accoutrement.  This was fabulous, because James came up with the idea and conspired with Dad to bring me a very cool set of presents.  Problem was, the iPad isn’t the tool I need. If I were a working pro photographer, I’d keep the iPad as a portable near-infinite portfolio.  If I were a non-profit, I would keep it for instant, always-ready presentations.  If I were an e-reader fan, I’d keep it as an increased-functionality version of something I already loved. That’s not me, though.  And the bottom line is that wifi isn’t as common and easy to find as cell signal, and I don’t think the iPad is enough greater than the iPhone, if I’m going to be paying for a data plan anyway. And really, I’m not the cutting edge on that kind of tech.  I plan to write a book and I want to do that on my laptop with my Clear G4 internet connection.  I plan to sail off into the sunrise and I need tools for that. And like the guy at Sears said, the iPad can’t route. Yup.  I returned my iPad with all its goodies.  I’m asking for the presents I really want (though it’s after the fact and certainly won’t be a surprise). James took me birthday present shopping today, and I got a palm router with a great bit set, two new pots to replace my old beat up stuff and give us a larger size (for big egg scrambles), and a square baking sheet for biscuits and soysauge casserole. I’m so happy with this stuff.  It’s really going to make me happier on a near-daily basis for[…]

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