Namers and Describers

Help! I need suggestions on names for my sci-fi worlds. I am torn between names that sound interesting and names that imply interesting meanings…and the perfect name would be subtle implications of the type of society with a real neat ring spoken and neat look written. Planet of egalitarian people – no privileged people, no status tied to achievement or success in competition, loosely organized by agreeing to the planet’s social contract with the option to take a set amount of money offworld in order to opt out of said social contract Planet of competitive people – fairly American standard (not the toilets), corporate ethos used in running everything, status is based on how large one’s influence is as measured by money and position Planet of orthodox religious people – ruled by divine right, decided by council of elders led by specially chosen elder, differences in status are explained through language of morality – the worthy vs the unworthy Don’t worry, it won’t be as simplistic as it sounds.

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