Six States in One Month

The last few days have been great sailing.  From New London to Mystic, to Point Judith Harbor of Refuge, to Dutch Harbor in the Narragansett Bay, we’ve sailed mostly on a broad reach, waves with us, and wind in the 10-15 knot range.  Enough to keep us moving at a good clip but not enough to worry us, though we reefed and unreefed quite a bit to maintain our comfort level. We started in Baltimore on May 31st and sailed from Maryland into Delaware, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, and reached Rhode Island on June 29th.  This kind of thing is only possible on the East Coast.  To hit 6 states on the West Coast, you have to add states of other countries – BC, WA, OR, CA, Baja, and Hawaii.  And doing that in a month?  No way. July looks to be the month that we do RI, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine, with a possible stop in Nova Scotia. In Mystic, we ran into more of the same moorage troubles.  The waterfront association sets aside some area for anchoring, but that area seems to be getting smaller.  It used to encompass about 100 yards square of 7-9 foot depths, but that is true no longer.  The anchorage markers delineate an area with 3 foot depth, which is not enough for our boat at 4’9″ of draft. James and I clucked over the chartplotter and decided to try anchoring between the channel and some boats on moorings.  When we sat back on the anchor rode, we were in the channel and too close to another boat.  Pulling the anchor up revealed that we had hooked onto a massive derelict mooring chain, the buoy for which had long since broken away.  The chain weighed hundreds of pounds and I (James)[…]

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