Off Day, Day Off

We tried to go to the Herreshoff Museum in Bristol, RI, but it just didn’t work out. Got the dinghy set up for a sail and set off in a brisk, beating wind.  We quickly realized that the current was against us in a big way.  Tinker is sailing to windward better than ever before, but it doesn’t matter how high we can point into the wind if we aren’t sailing faster than the tide is going out.  The tide was sucking us right into the Mount Hope Bridge channel and the wakes of dozens of inconsiderate “pleasure” boaters stopped our progress again and again. Decidedly not the way we wanted to start the day. After two hours of trying everything to make windward (including striking the sailing rig and rowing along the shore), we still only made a direct line from the boat across the bay.  That was when we got our first indication of how off we were.  James felt like he was being misunderstood and Dena felt like nothing made sense. We weren’t making shit happen like we are used to doing. Turning back to the boat, we consigned the museum to an unlikely later trip back to the area.  Making directly across the channel wouldn’t get us to the boat – we still had to beat into the wind, pointing far up the shore from the boat, in order for our lee to carry us down to the boat. Strangely enough, that went perfectly. The frustration was too strong, though.  I (Dena) retreated to the forepeak with my smartphone and Kindle app to read Treasure Island.  I (James) read my book for a while, but ultimately fell asleep. When we started to stir again, just before noon, we decided it would be a good day for[…]

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