Plymouth Rocked

We sailed and sailed and sailed and sailed… On a Friday, we sailed from Bristol, RI, to Sachuest, RI, off Third Beach and we swam to the beach and had a lovely walk and an ice cream cone. On a Saturday, we sailed from Sachuest to Clarks Cove, MA (rocked, we were all alone, how’s that happen?) outside South Dartmouth on opening day and there were only a-ga-gillion boats parading outside New Bedford for “The Blessing of the Fleet”, yuk… And then on a Sunday and the very special day of patriotic displays of explosive power, we sailed from Clarks Cove to Onset, MA, on Cape Cod.  Anchoring far from the masses, we rowed into town for a pizza and bread and eggs and soda.  When we started our row into town, we had absolutely no idea that the 4th of July would be celebrated on the 7th of July in Onset, Mass.  The beaches were packed with patchy white charred flesh and drenched in cocoa butter.  Torquemada’s dungeon could not have reverberated with as many screams as the children of Onset ripped loose as they freaked the fuck out in the water. Making a quick escape, we rowed back to the boat with groceries at our feet, just in time for a truly delightful fireworks display.  We’ve been bombarded by fireworks that were just a little bit too far away all week long.  Then to be in a nice quiet anchorage, almost by ourselves, and to have a perfect, close experience overwhelmed us with an appreciation that usually gets lost in the cost-benefit analysis and jokes about vestigial displays of military force.  In other words, we had a great time.  We leaned against each other and held hands and it was awesome. Thanks, Kate, for softening us up for[…]

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