Funding Travels and Threeks in the Road

The Campaign At the start of the month, we were both working at Mainers United for Marriage and doing the math for living on the cheap.  Even spending only a hundred dollars a month on food and everything, anchoring to avoid moorage fees (and because it kicks ass and is how we love to live), riding our bikes, and not heeding the siren call of Hollywood’s execrable selection of late-summer movies…even with all that, we wouldn’t be able to make enough money to head to Scotland on these wages, in this boat. We had this grand idea.  We’d ask our friends to pay for it!  And ask our friends to ask their friends to pay for it!  Our friends have great friends, right?  We also have some tenuous connections with rich people.  Let us really stress tenuous.  Meaning we can’t quite find the thread now that we’re looking for it.  Rich people are fickle and that’s how they got (or how they stay) rich. But we forgive them for that.  And we ask that anyone reading this consider giving to our RocketHub campaign, notwithstanding our badmouthing. We respect our friends.  We know that they’re sensitive to things like great ideas and to the environmental pressures that we bring up in the campaign. The people who stay in our lives are the people we share values with.  Meaning poor.  Meaning at the end of the week, they’re looking at 75 cents in their hand, proud that they paid everything, but struggling.  Or knowing they didn’t pay everything and hoping things will turn around.  At the most well-off, our friends are working class and happily surviving, dependent on that paycheck. Yep – we are the 99%. The Rig When we started this adventure in 1999, the rig that was on our original[…]

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